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Meet Coach HermineTerhorst


Hermine uses passion, energy, humor and tough love to get the best out of her swimmers.  She coaches and teaches swimming with the knowledge that every human can do every thing…..well….eventually.  It seems to be working.  She knows that she has a reputation for being tough and having high expectations…….she has also noticed  that on the days when she gives some of the toughest sets or teaches a complicated clinic people leave feeling fabulous about swimming, themselves and life in general.        “Tough” is ok by me”.

Things you might hear from the deck……


“I love swimming”….daily

“Hold it up”….daily

“What the heck was that”……mostly on Mondays


“A drill done 99% right is 100% wrong”….cuz

“Practicing perfect makes perfect”……!

“Awkward is good, that means it’s different than what you were doing”

“Last one, make it your best one”……

“Talk to the hand”……really!

“BLEEP the Piano”

“Practice what I preach”….I do



Favorite Movie: Secretariat (I too am a triple crown winner, Mia, Penelope and Sophia)

Favorite Book this year : “Born to Run”

Favorite Swim Star: Nathan Adrian (Swimmer Ken already took Ryan Lochte)

Favorite Swim Stroke : changes daily

Favorite Swim Set: Beautiful Mile…..formerly known as “Johnny Memorial”


Hermine raised her children the same way she coaches.  Mia Hermine graduated from Cal and now works for the University.  Penelope Rose is a Junior at ASU on swim scholarship and off to Olympic Trials next summer along with her little/big Sis, Sophia Kira on swim scholarship at UCSB.

Private Swim lessons are available as well as Private Pilates instruction.

Coach Hermine can be reached at.


Or by calling

707 480 0794


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