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Santa Rosa Masters

You Are Invited….

Check out this great video from United States Masters Swimming!

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Website Reconstruction


The team met Wednesday night to have fun and begin a new path of excitement and engagement surrounding making the website exciting and relevant.



Saturday, January 11 2014 at the Quinn Aquatic Complex (SRJC) Santa Rosa, CA (MAP)

Be a part of the Second Year of the Santa Rosa Flower Swim Meet (Party)


• Meet Sheet and enter here.

• Volunteer to help here.



John Morales Honored by USMS

John Morales Recieves The U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

As a volunteer-driven organization, USMS is grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who give their time, talent, and expertise to help all phases of our programs. The DDSA is given to those volunteers whose service stands out in its scope and its impact on the program and the USMS members who have benefited from their efforts on the local, regional, and national level.

Congratulations and Thank You John. (Link Here)


September 2013 Swimmer of The Month


Finding Deceleration (a monday recap)

by Jeremy Lyle

What does a Swim Coach and a Dentist have in common? They both use DRILLS. Ha-ha. Okay, lets get serious- Exposure to Santa Rosa Master’s Monday swim clinics, directed by the lovely Coach Hermine, provides considerable challenge, not without reward.  The challenge, for me, is attempting to dismantle my flaw-riddled swimming stroke, through fundamental swim drill, and seamlessly integrate, multiple and proper, swim techniques into the framework of my ability. During today’s clinic, I experienced a taste of successful integration (reward), through the following swim drills: kick on sub-side, kick with pause, swim with shoulder touch, the beloved “X-factor”, and the shoulder “ball joint” elbow-setup with glide, thingie. If I found myself out-of-position, performing any of these swim drills, I found that I “hit a wall” and experienced a “deceleration”, like a racecar just after parachute deployment. My out-of-position freestyle faux pas that contribute to my deceleration are: breathing prematurely without my cheek tucked at my shoulder’s acromion/front-deltoid area, head too high or looking up, my arms crossing the centerline during pull, or failing to twist my relaxed torso appropriately. The success I achieved was through feeling deceleration, then connecting the sensation to the bad habit. With practice, and continued Monday clinic attendance, one day I hope to remove my swim stroke encumbrances and glide through the water.


The Origin of Zen Swimming

By Jeff Scharfen


After completing a grueling workout run by his Master Coach Hermine, Saigyo the 12th Century swimming monk, was returning home on foot, gathering his thoughts, reflecting once again on how he could break through and transcend the pain and suffering of Master’s Swimming. As he walked, he heard the sound of footsteps padding behind him. Recalling that tigers roamed the forests of Santa Rosa, he picked up his pace. But the padding footsteps matched his effort,  gaining speed. Saigyo panicked, swept by the same angst he got when immersed in a death-dealing 400 IM set. It was the identical panic that always defeated him. He ran. In fear of his life and blinded by terror, he lost the trail home and fell from a steep cliff. Falling about 20 feet, he grabbed a branch protruding from the cliff and looked up to see the bright and fierce eyes of a tiger staring down at him. He was out of the tiger’s reach, if only he could find his way down. He looked beneath him and to his horror, another tiger paced hungrily below. At that moment, Saigyo assessed his hold on the rocky cliff and saw a perfectly ripe red strawberry. He ate it. The strawberry proved to be the most delicious he had ever popped into his mouth.





Post-swim, hanging still.

Blue sky mind in morning fog.

Strawberry fields!



Mu! MU!!! MUUUU!!!*



If Saigyo were truly enlightened, he would have fed the strawberry to the tiger. No effort. Swim in the moment. Do it and it will be done.



*Mu is a Japanese word used in Zen meaning “nothing.”



Our Coach Burns it up..Burning Man style

Dear Team,
We begin a new year….season if you will.  September is a time to reflect on what worked (keep) and what didn't  (burn it).  As you all know I hit the beach with no water…..(needed a break from water if you know what i mean).   I packed my pistol and hit the road, my playa name became #lawless.  I will share a bit about what I learned whilst playing in the sand with happy loving people.
Engage, be a part of everything…share, smile and hug a lot.  Go learn something new and step outside your box even if only a little.
The theme for the year will be "fire on the water", please follow the rules of the dessert beach.
Love, Coach Hermine (aka #lawless) I truly love engaging with you.
 From burning man website> If you reach inside yourself and figure out that part of you that can be shared with others around you, chances are you will enjoy Burning Man. I hate to make it sound so easy-but it really is simple, and it really is fun. The only way to avoid having fun is to bring nothing of yourself to the event. If you just try to take everything in, you won't "get" anything. You must give and then you get, remember? It took me some time to figure it out for myself, and I wish you well on your own journey towards self-expression and the experience of community.

Ridgway Re-opens August 29th






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